Letter to a Newly–Tenured Professor



Faculty of Science and Technology

Suandusit University at Bangkok, Thailand



March 15, 2021

Dear Friend,


         The Faculty of Science and Technology is very pleased to announce that Associate Professor Thanin Sitthiwirattham has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, effective November 5, 2018 and we are excited to announcement of February 10, 2021. Since his arrival at the Faculty of Science and Technology in 2017, Associate Professor Thanin Sitthiwirattham has worked with high capacity as a “regular” faculty member, and before as a Lecturer at Mathematics Program.

         Congratulations! I was very pleased to learn that your tenure only one case of Suandusit University was approved. This decision is a fitting acknowledgement of your hard work with high quality of seventeen research articles, contributions, and scholarly potential. I know that your faculty members think very highly do the rest of us in the field. Well done and Great job.

         I could easily continue with more praise for what you’ve achieved, but I’m going to switch gears and be blunt: Please don’t abuse our system. Tenure is not a personal ticket of entitlement. It is not a declaration that it is time to reap instead of sow. It is not the finish line.

         The concept of tenure is viewed with suspicion, even scorn, by some outside academia. Why, they ask, should professors have guaranteed jobs for life, when no one else does? These critics- Who can include state legislators, corporate bigwigs, journalists, and others who have platforms of influence- are on the lookout for evidence that tenure is a bad idea. Our job, which is now also your job, is to give them no such indications.



Tiwatt Kuljanabhagavad

managing editor


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