The Study Outcome of Colon Cleansing before Colonoscopy among Patients of Colorectal Cancer Screening Project


  • Nuntiput Putthanachote Department of Clinical microbiology, Roi Et hospital, Roi Et province, Thailand.
  • Achara Srirugsar Devision of surgery, RoiEt Hospital, Roi Et Province, Thailand
  • Narongchai Sangsa Devision of Medicine, RoiEt Hospital, Roi Et Province, Thailand


Colon cleaning preparations; colonoscopy; colorectal cancer


         Objective: The aim of the study was to compare outcome of colon cleansing by Sodiumphosphate solution Swiff® 2 times with soap suds enema and Swiff® 3 times with non-soap suds enema before colonoscopy and cost of 2 methods.

          Methods: This study was a descriptive research. Data were collected from medical records of patients in the colorectal cancer screening project at RoiEt Hospital from 1 to 31 July, 2017. The total numbers of study subjects were 130 cases, divided into 2 groups. Of 72 patients in group one was cleansing colon by Swiff® 45cc. 2 times, 2.00 pm. and 06.00 pm., with soap suds enema. Group two, 58 cases, were cleansing colon by Swiff® 45cc.  3 times, 2.00 pm., 06.00 pm. and 04.00 am. with non-soap suds enema. Descriptive statistics were used in the study for analysis. 

          Results: Of 72 cases in group one, most of them were female 62.50 %, mean age 59.98 years (SD = 6.35). The colonoscopic visualization were: Very poor 1.38%, Poor 12.50%, Fair 37.50%, Good 47.22%, and Excellent 1.38%. Of 58 cases in group two most of them were male 51.72 %, mean age 60.45 years (SD = 6.35). The colon cleansing results were: Poor 1.72%, Fair 17.24%, Good 62.06%, and Excellent 18.96%. The cost per case among patients in group 1 staying in common room was 4,165 Bath, private room 4,127.50 Bath, while the cost per case among patients in group 2, staying in common room, was 4,465 Bath and private room was 4,427.50 Bath. In conclusion, this study revealed that the percentage of good and excellent of colon cleansing preparations by Swiff® 3 times and non-soap suds enema (group 2) were higher than preparations by Swiff® 2 times and soap suds enema (group 1). Whereas, the cost of the two methods were not significant difference.


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