• Chakkrit Sreela-or Faculty of Food and Agricultural Technology, PhibulsongkramRajabhat University


selection, indigenous rice, drought tolerance, high yield


The research aimed to select the local rice varieties for drought tolerance and high yield in 18 local rice varieties consisted of Kum, Kum Na, Kao, Kao Yaw, Kao Lek, Kao Yai, Jaw Kao, Jaw Ngor, Jaw Dum, Jaw Hor, Siw Mae Jun, LuemPua, Dang, Bun Kerd, Lai, NuadPla Dug, Hom Ma Li Rai and HnangPla Lai Dang. They were planted in diameter of 16 inches clay pot and with watered controls for 2 treatments. The first treatment was daily watered (under controlled conditions). The second treatment was watered every 3 days. Stem length, numbers of tiller, weight of fresh and dry clump, and weight of fresh seeds per panicle were measured for calculate the drought tolerance index. The results showed that local rice which watered every 3 days had the average of drought tolerance index of growth characteristics at 0.67, 0.65, 0.64, 0.62 and 0.58, respectively. The local rice which showed higher results than the average in every aspect of drought tolerance index were Kum, Kum Na, Jaw Hor, Siw Mae Jun, Luem Pua, Dang and Lai.

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Chakkrit Sreela-or, Faculty of Food and Agricultural Technology, PhibulsongkramRajabhat University

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