Keywords: helminthes, Mastacembelus favus, Songkram River, Tha Uthen district, Nakhon Phanom province


Helminthes in Tire Track Eels (Mastacembelus favus Hora, 1923) were detected in Songkram River, Tha Uthen District, Nakhon Phanom from December 2015 to March 2016. Fifty of tire track eels were randomly collected in this study. Five species of parasites were found; there were acanthocephalan; Polymorphus sp., nematode; Rhabdochona sp., cestode; Senga sp., fluke; Phyllodistomum sp., and larval stage (cystacanth) of acanthocephalan. The total prevalence of infection was 70.00% and the highest prevalence found cystacanth (50.00%), Senga sp. (10.00%), Polymorphus sp. (6.00%), two helminthes as Rhabdochona sp. and Phyllodistomum sp. (2.00%), respectively. The intensity of helminthes were found highest in Rhabdochona sp. (8.00 per fish), cystacanth, Polymorphus sp., Senga sp. and Phyllodistomum sp. are 4.16, 1.67, 1.20 and 1.00 per fish, respectively.


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Author Biography

Anawat Phalee, Nakhon Phanom University
Fisheries program, Faculty of Agriculture and Tecnology, Nakhon Phanom University


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