• Suphaphon Wisungre Phetchabun Rajabhat University
  • Sirikool Klumkool
  • Kunyarat Duenngai
  • Mongkhon Narasri


ภูมิปัญญาหมอพื้นบ้าน, สถานภาพและบทบาท, รูปแบบและวิธีการรักษา, wisdom folk doctor, folk healer’s status and role, types of treatment by folk healers


This qualitative research aimed to study patterns and treatment methods of folk wisdom of healers in Mueang, Phetchabun province. A sample of 50 research participants were selected in a study. The data was collected by in-depth interview and descriptive analysis. The results showed that most healers were elder male who treated their patients for over 10 years and most of them were blowing healers (MorPow). The important motivation for being the healers was inherited folk wisdom from their ancestors. The generation dynamic differed from the present which did not transfer their folk wisdom to new generations because of lacking of folk wisdom and the aim to transfer. The patterns of treatment were mixed between blowing healers (MorPow) and other treatments such as herbal, or oil treatment, massage and healthcare of pregnant women. The treatment was started by asking and checking about symptoms, diagnosis, setting for the Khai before and after the recovery. The patterns of treatment were simple and on the basis of community traditional way. To improve and keep body and mind together, folk wisdoms of healers were significant in community healthcare. However, the folk wisdom of healers should be developed in Phetchabun province to sustain the expertise in the long run.

Author Biography

Suphaphon Wisungre, Phetchabun Rajabhat University

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