• Chayapat Phusampao Faculty of Education, Loei Rajabhat University



Diffusivity, Finite element, Banana


A two-dimensional finite element model was developed to simulate moisture diffusion in Kluai Leb Mu Nang (Banana) during the drying process. The diffusivity and shrinkage of the banana used in this simulation were determined experimentally. The moisture diffusivity of the banana was determined by minimizing the sum of squares of the residuals between experimentally determined and numerically predicted data. The diffusivity values for bananas fall within the range of 4.15x10-6 to 6.22x10-6 m2s-1. Additionally, the shrinkage of the banana during drying was determined experimentally, and an equation based on physical concepts was fitted to the experimental data. A computer program in Compaq Visual FORTRAN version 6.6 was developed to simulate the finite element model, and it successfully predicted moisture diffusion during drying. The moisture content profiles of the banana were also predicted, providing accurate insights into the movement of moisture inside the banana during the drying process. The finite element model performed well in predicting moisture contents, with an RMSD of 0.925. This model can serve as a valuable tool to understand the dynamics of moisture movement without requiring extensive measurements. Furthermore, it can be used to obtain design data for dryers.


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