• Teerapod Naebnean Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Industrial Technology, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University



Animal feed mixer, Rotating drum, Biogas energy


This research aimed to design, construct, and test the animal feed mixer with a rotary rotating drum using biogas energy before analyzing the financial value. The research method was to study the problem of animal feed production process, and to design the structure consisting of a 100 kg mixing tank, a ribbon stirring, and 2 sets of 0.5 HP motors to drive the stirring and the rotating drum using biogas from pig feces fuel with a power engine of a 4kW generator, adjusting the carburetor of an internal combustion engine. The results showed that with the coefficient of variation rotation drum rate of 4 rpm and stirring 15 rpm time 150 seconds, the coefficient of variation was 29%. Based on the results of the engine performance with an electrical load of 100-1,000 W, it was found that gasoline fuels were more efficient than biogas. When tested with a 746 W machine engine speed of 2,885 rpm, 4.64 HP torque, 11.33 Nm, the fuel consumption rated of 0.036 kg/min, the specific fuel consumption was 0.43 kg/kW-h, and the electrical performance was 14.59%, when biogas fuel supply rated at 100%, it got the voltage 222 V and the current 3.96 A. The engine exhaust emission test found that the value did not exceed the air quality standards. The value for money comparison of the electrical cost, material costs, machine cost and feed value payback period were 1.12 years. The research results will increase the efficiency of animal feed production, reduce electricity consumption, and reduce labor costs.


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