• Sucheewan Yoyrurob
  • Orasa Naban
  • Supattra Choopia
  • Boonya Charnnok
  • Palakorn Boonsai




Methane, Ethanol pretreatment, Batch digestion, Oil palm fiber


Oil Palm Fiber (OPF) is an interesting lignocellulose biomass but the limitation is the lignin component. It is difficult to decompose in anaerobic conditions for biogas production. This research aimed to study the effect of ethanol pretreatment (10-30% of ethanol) on the potential of methane production from oil palm fiber. Palm fiber pretreatment was performed at 190°C for 30 minutes. The results showed that the optimum concentration in ethanol pretreatment to enhance the potential methane from the palm fiber was 50% due to lignin was highly soluble in ethanol then the structure of pretreated OPF to be in optimum condition for fermentation. This pretreatment condition provided the highest potential methane of 161.8+6.2 LCH4/kgVS which accounted for 52.2% higher than untreated oil palm fiber. In addition, this pretreatment condition can increase the potential of methane production by 2.1 times. Finally, valorizing lignin and recycling ethanol should be performed to achieve economic feasibility, reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly.


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Yoyrurob, S., Naban, O. ., Choopia, S. ., Charnnok, B. ., & Boonsai, P. . (2021). ENHANCING THE POTENTIAL OF METHANE PRODUCTION FROM OIL PALM FIBER BY ETHANOL PRETREATMENT. Life Sciences and Environment Journal, 22(2), 308–319. https://doi.org/10.14456/lsej.2021.17



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