• Thanawan Pinawet Faculty of Science and Technology, Phetchabun Rajabhat University
  • Yotrapee Tongcharoen Research and Development Institute, Phetchabun Rajabhat University



Non Chad community forest, Assess economic value, Food plant and mushrooms


This research aimed to assess economic value of food plants and mushrooms of Non Chad community forest, Luk Dan sub-district, Nam Nao district in Phetchabun. To reflect the direct-used value from food plants and mushrooms, they are used for consumption and sold as supplementary income within the household. Collecting data on utilization and economic valuation of plants and mushrooms by interviews with community forest committees, a user group totaling 25 households and secondary data together with the method of plotting to explore the diversity of plants. Data was analyzed using the Market Value method, which analyzes the buying and selling of produce in the market. Using market prices as a tool. The results revealed that 19 species of food plants and mushrooms in the community were for consumption and distribution divided into 5 types of high-level plants, one type of middle-level plant, five types of low-level plants, and eight types of mushrooms. The total economic value was 4,319,700 Baht per year or 32,725 Baht per household per year.


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