• Araya Bunsak Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University
  • Sudarat Sutaphan
  • Weerathep Pongprasert
  • Kanita Kertsuk




Bacillus spp., Bipolaris spp., brown spot disease, biological control


 The objective of this research was to study on the potential of Bacillus sp. isolated by soil dilution plate technique from paddy soil samples collected from Phromphiram and Thachang subdistricts, Phromphiram district, Phitsanulok Province to control brown spot disease (Bipolaris sp) in rice. The result revelled that the total of 4 Bacillus spp. isolates composed of BP01 and BP02 from Phromphiram subdistricts and BC01 and BC02 from Thachang subdistricts was found. The similar potential efficiency (p>0.05) to control Bipolaris spp of all isolates was detected at the rate of 78.69, 78.87, 75.19 and 81.81%, respectively. However, the statistical difference (p<.05) among the size of clear zone from those isolated was found. The widest clear zone was found from BC02 (3.39 cm.) followed by BP02 (2.34 cm), BP01 (2.22 CM.) and BC01 (1.64 cm.) after incubated for 14 days.


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Bunsak, A., Sutaphan, S. ., Pongprasert, W., & Kertsuk, K. . (2021). POTENTIAL OF BACILLUS SPP. ISOLATED FROM PADDY SOIL FOR CONTROLING BROWN SPOT DISEASE, BIPOLARIS SPP., IN RICE. Life Sciences and Environment Journal, 22(2), 137–147. https://doi.org/10.14456/lsej.2021.5



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