• Attakorn Khamchatra Faculty of Science and Technology Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University
  • Aeknarin Thanakitpairin
  • Jakkapan Potipat




Noise map, Geographic information system, Audiometry, Mobile application


Evaluation of noise levels in a steel structure maintenance factory done by recorded sound level each point, 5 minutes, and process noise maps with geographic information program. It found that the lowest noise level was 51.0 dB(A) in an open area and the highest noise level was 104.2 dB (A) in a sand blasting department. The hearing test conducted by mobile applications collecting data from 18 employees in sand blasting departments, steel fabrication departments 1 and 2, an average age of employees was 40.7 ± 8.4 years. The results showed that 12 employees with normal hearing, 5 employees with awareness level and another with abnormal hearing level. In addition, every group found audiometric notches, 6 employees have V-shaped notch on the right, 3 employees have U-shaped notch, and another one has V-shaped on the left ear. The highest average noise level was in sand blasting department, but it has only one awareness level employee, because of safe work procedures. And the noise level in steel fabrication department 1 was more than 85 dB(A). Therefore, they should use a noise dosimeter, increase the number of sample groups, re-check audiometric tests, and improve a safe working environment.


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Khamchatra, A., Thanakitpairin , A. ., & Potipat, J. . (2021). EVALUATION OF NOISE LEVEL AND NOISE – INDUCED HEARING LOSS OF WORKERS AT STEEL STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE FACTORY. Life Sciences and Environment Journal, 22(2), 128–136. https://doi.org/10.14456/lsej.2021.1



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