• Patipat Thanompongchart
  • Yasintinee Aimyuak Industrial Technology
  • Pakamon Pintana



Biomass, Biomass feeder, Gasification stove, Renewable energy


The development of a biomass stove feeder for using in households or the small food industry has been widely promoted to solve the problem of LPG cost. Currently, the price of LPG in Thailand is steadily increasing, affecting restaurants and the food industry nationwide. Although the price of biomass is cheaper than that of LPG, the use of biomass burners is not popular at present, because of limitations in usability. This research aimed to develop a biomass fuel feeder for a biomass stove. The objective was to make a steady combustion gasifier with easy refueling for users. From the study, by refueling with 2, 4 and 6 pieces of biomass per minute, it is found that the optimum feed rate was 4 pieces per minute, based on the temperature steadiness of the gasifier. The biomass continuous feed efficiency was 95.33 ± 3 percent and exhibited the most economic value. The biomass fuel feeder developed for this biomass stove was suitable for using in small food industries.


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