• Janya Thonabut


Jam, Roselle, Krueo Ma Noy leaves, Date plam


The objective of this research was to develop the recipe of Roselle jam production. The optimum ratio of Krueo Ma Noy leaves and Date plam as well as the consumer acceptance of Date plam & Roselle Jam were also investigated. The results showed that the basic recipe of Roselle jam Formula 1 obtained the highest sensory scores in terms of color, odor, texture, taste and total acceptance of all senses. The total acceptance of all senses is 7.75(S.D.±0.46), 7.50(S.D.±1.20), 7.75(S.D.±0.71), 7.75(S.D.±1.28) and 8.13(S.D.±0.83) respectively. It contains a mixture of Roselle concentrate 55%, sugar 44.4%, water 1%, pectin 1%, citric acid 0.4%. The ratio of Krueo Ma Noy Leaves and Date palm at 100: 20 percent received the highest average sensory scores for color, smell, appearance, texture, taste and total acceptance of all senses: 7.70 (S.D.±1.09), 7.10 (S.D.±1.16 ), 7.47 (S.D.±1.55), 7.57 (S.D.±1.04) and 7.63 (S.D.±1.00), respectively. The physical quality was L* 29.23(S.D.±0.76), a* 2.21(S.D.±0.16) b* 2.99(S.D.±0.41) and water activity value was 0.73 (S.D.±0.01). The pH and total soluble solid value were 2.87 (S.D.±0.03) and 67.00 (S.D.±0.02). The microbiological quality is up to the standard of jam products. Consumers are interested in Date plam & Roselle jam form Krueo Ma Noy Leaves 86.67 percent and they are interested in purchasing 170 grams of product at a price of 69 baht, accounting for 93.33 percent.


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