• Pattarakorn Orkaew
Keywords: Packaging design, Sacha Inchi, Chatchawal farm


The project of Sacha Inchi tea packaging design by Chatchawal farm aims to 1) survey and data collection of Sacha Inchi processed products 2) design the packaging to extend the shelf life and maintain quality 3) develop graphics on the packaging to be the attractive product, show unique identity and complete product information, and 4) evaluate the satisfaction of the packaging. The selection of Sacha Inchi tea was designed and drafted for evaluating satisfaction and opinions from packaging experts using rating scale questions. The selection of Sacha Inchi tea was designed and drafted for evaluating satisfaction and opinions from packaging experts using rating scale questions. After improving and developing the packaging, the prototype was evaluated satisfaction by 50 manufacturers and consumers. The results showed that most consumers believe that consuming Sacha Inchi tea can support a healthy body.  The most popular tea was formula 2, made from bark, followed by formula 1, made from leaves and tea, and formula 3, made from bark mixed leaves. The tea packaging design showed that the innermost layer is a pulp teabag followed by foil packaging. The outer packaging material was art paper (300  gsm) coated with PVC film,  transparent packaging. The design of the package has three objectives: utility, size must be suitable for use. There must be a proper form in terms of the packaging structure, including suitable for the product itself, beauty, complete product information, and unique graphics packaging. The satisfaction assessment result showed that the prototype was satisfied at a high level (x̅ = 4.35).


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