• Kingkaew Samruayruen
  • Jiriyaporn Kaewkanjanawong
  • Nuttawadee Khamondee


health literacy, healthy lifestyle behavior, elderly


This descriptive research is aimed to study health literacy, healthy lifestyle behavior and the relationship between health literacy and healthy lifestyle behavior among the elderly in Ban Chom Thong sub-district, Mueang district, Phitsanulok province. The samples were 207 elderly who participated in this study by simple random sampling. The research tools were doing the health literacy test (Cognitive and Decision skills), health literacy questionnaires (Access, Communication, Self-management and Media skills) and healthy lifestyle behaviors questionnaires. Data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient. The results were shown: that health literacy was at a moderate level (51.2%) and healthy lifestyle behavior was at a moderate level. (55.6%) The health literacy was positively correlated with healthy lifestyle behavior at a high level (r = 0.709, p < .05). The results from this study can be used as basic knowledge for authorities to plan health literacy programs or activities for promoting healthy lifestyle behavior among the elderly and improving their quality of life.


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