• Siriyupa Lerdkanjanaporn Department of Accounting Maejo University Phrae Campus
  • Chatrudee Jongsureyapart
Keywords: social corporate responsibility, corporate financial performance, SET 100


This research aims to study the relationship between the disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the financial performance of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The SET 100 population used in this study was the companies listed in the SET during January 1 to June 30, 2018. These companies have disclosed their CSR information according to GRI G4 framework during 2013 - 2017 42 Annual Report, and 119 data sets were collected from the Sustainability Report, Sustainable Development Report, CSR Report, Annual Report, Financial Report. CSR Index (CSRI) was calculated as independent variable by content analysis and the results of this study were analyzed by panel analysis using R programming language. Results also indicate that General CSRI has a positive relationship with ROE, but has no relationship with ROA and EPS, while Specific CSRI has a negative relationship with ROA and ROE, but no relationship with EPS.


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