• Narissara Wichit ChiangMai Rajabhat University
  • Paphakorn Suthiphasilp


potential strategic plan, project, ASEAN Community, farmers


This research aimed to develop strengths and potential of farmers in the community, and to provide guidance for increasing community capacity of farmers in Chiang Mai province under the ASEAN Community framework. The research found that the method of preparing the organization (local authorities) in the community of farmers when the launch of the ASEAN Community was promotion of organic farming. However, there was a lack of specific knowledge among the farmers. By engaging the community of farmers in the planning process, they will be offered knowledge on organic farming. Unfortunately, there was the absence of direct budget support for the community preparedness. The process of strengthening potential of farmers in the community in Chiang Mai province made on the basis of ASEAN Community framework based on the SWOT matrix analysis showed that the internal factor strength was promotion of organic farming. The weakness was the lack of organic farming knowledge among the farmers. The external factor opportunity was offering knowledge on organic farming. The threat was the absence of budget support. Therefore, the four strategies are proposed as follows 1) Turnaround strategy, local authorities provide training to educate farmers 2) Retrenchment strategy, local authorities support training budget to farmers 3) Aggressive strategy, local authorities train farmers in organic farming and 4) Stability strategy, local authorities support budget to promote organic farming. According to the four strategies, the communities have implemented the strategies to develop the strategic plans aiming to increase community capacity of the farmers in Chiang Mai province under the ASEAN framework by launching a project to make organic compost from agricultural waste. The budget of this project was supported by the local administrative organizations in fiscal year 2017.



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