Study of Cultural Resources of Communities Around Kwan Phayao and Website Standards for Develop an Information Systems for Community Development


  • Rattasak Pengchata


Waterfall Model / Cultural resources / Transform spatial data to relational database / Resources map around Kwan Phayao / Community Support Information System


The areas around Kwan Phayao are one of the essential cultural resources of Phayao province but have not been developed properly, Maybe a cause from an inefficient information system. Therefore, it is important to develop a cultural resource database system for an areas around Kwan Phayao to support economic and social development, that leads to culture and tourism conservation. Within SDLC: Waterfall Model, each stage must be fully completed before start the next stage. That make us can define a goal in data acquisition and analysis, modern and necessary website standards, until software quality standards. The study methods compose of three tasks: 1. Analyzing cultural resource data to achieve a data layer structure for all data. 2.To select the modern and necessary website standard from reliable reference sources. 3.Apply the results of analysis to develop information systems to support economic and social development. The result are: 1. there were 96 cultural resources spread across 14 groups and only four categories. 2. The nine data layers are developed. 3. This system has four major capabilities along with four presentation stage. If comparing the system with other 4 websites like “อย่าง...แจ่ม”, found out that this website contains information that tourists preferred, beautiful page view but lacks of an automated database mechanism still requires administrators do update data.  “” also has a concise browsing order, but it may be lack of priority sorting. For "Project:  Make a Master Plan for Sustainable Kwan Phayao Development" it has rich content, but the presentation is inferior to “”. And “Phayao Provincial Agricultural Extension Office” has contained complete information content, but the placement of the information is not yet appropriate. This result system is also more efficient than these four websites in the database automation mechanisms, sorting presenting information suitable for make a plan and for doing an Ad-Hoc queries. The next research should be the system of eco-tourism and cultural library of Phayao or Phayao’s resource museum.






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