Computer assisted instruction for reinforcements of concrete buildings

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This paper is present to develop a Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) for reinforcements of concrete buildings. This CAI was erected from various programs: (a) Authorware, which is the main program for arranging lessons; (b) Macromedia Flash, which is the program to create graphic and animation pictures; and (c) 3D Studio Max, which is the program to create 3 dimension animation pictures. This CAI illustrates reinforcements of concrete structure components, such as column, beam, footing, stair and floor. In order to help students more understandable about the methods and principles of reinforcements, the program shows three dimensional animation pictures compared with appearance drawing in the construction site with giving sound for some explanation. The quality of this CAI in term of accuracy and suitability of the lessons and multimedia was inspected by experts. It was found that the efficiency of this CAI is 4.23 (total of 5). It is concluded that this CAI could be used in helping students to learn basic reinforcements for reinforced concrete buildings.

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