The Relationship between Marketing Factors and Response Behavior in Purchasing OTOP Products from Phrae Province through Digital Markets


  • Paumsak Pantang
  • Tanakij Thamee -
  • Dussadee Buntam


OTOP, Phrae province, Consumer response process, Purchase decision, Marketing mix


The covid–19 pandemic outbreak situation, the consumers have changed behavior from normal lifestyle. They have increasingly adopted online lifestyles. As a result, online trade has expanded across various platforms. Therefore, resulting in the study of the relationship between marketing factors and response behavior in buying OTOP’ Phrae products through digital market. The objective of this research is study consumer behavior from digital marketing communication channels in making decision to buy OTOP products in Phrae Province and study the relationship between marketing factors and response behavior in online shopping of consumers with OTOP products, Phrae Province. This research is a quantitative research. The samples have collected information from groups who used to buy OTOP products and who used to buy products online. An online questionnaire was used with 420 answers. Then the data were analyzed using various statistics, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient and linear multiple regression. The study found that the consumer response process, evaluated using the AIDA model, indicated that consumers had an overall high level of response when making decisions to purchase OTOP products. As for the Attention and Interest stages, they were at a high level. The Desire and Action stages for purchase decisions were at the highest level. Regarding the results of the hypothesis test, it was found that consumers of different ages, education levels, occupations, and incomes have different response processes at a statistically significant level of 0.05. All aspects of marketing mix factors have a positive correlation with the response process of consumers' decisions to purchase OTOP products at a statistically significant level of 0.05. The product factor, the price factor, and the promotion factor affects the response process factors for the consumer purchases.






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