Publication Ethics

Editors should be responsible for everything published in their journals. They should:
1. strive to meet the needs of readers and authors;
2. constantly improve the journal;
3. ensure the quality of the material they publish;
4. champion freedom of expression;
5. maintain the integrity of the academic record;
6. always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.
Duties of Reviewers:
1. The reviewers should not have conflicts of interest with the author(s) or institutions affiliated to the manuscripts.
2. The reviewers an unbiased manner to comments, questions, concerns regarding the manuscripts
3. Maintain confidentiality of all information and documents.
4. Provide prompt, timely feedback to the Editors.
5. Never use data or materials disclosed through the review process for their own benefit.
6. Assist the editorial team in making editorial decisions as to whether or not to accept submitted manuscripts 
and also suggest the author in improving the article.
Duties of Authors:
1. Ensure that the submitted manuscript original work with sufficient detail and correct citations.
2. Don't submit any manuscript that contains data falsification, plagiarism, or duplicate submission.
3. The manuscripts have no conflicts of interest.
4. Provide proper acknowledgement of research funding agencies in the manuscripts.
5. The Authors must accept the decision from the journal editor.
6. The Authors must prepare the manuscript correctly and completely according to the journal instruction.