Investigate the Effect of Cooling on the Shrinkage of Plastic Injection Part


  • Pichit Onprang Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi


Cooling, Plastic Shrinkage, Plastic Injection Part


The objective of this research is to investigate how cooling affects the shrinkage of a Plastic Injection Part. The analysis was performed with a Plastic Injection Part made of Polypropylene: PP1100NK grade. The experiments were carried out using water for cooling on the different cooling positions of the injection parts with a 1.5 mm thickness and were simulated by Cadmould program. The diameter of the cooling hole in Case 1, Case 2 and Case 3 were 6 mm. The distance between the coolant hole and the workpiece is 12 mm. for Case 1 and Case 2 and Case 3. The distance between the two coolant holes in Case 1 and Case 2 and Case 3 use 30 mm. Case 1 is Core and Cavity cooled, Case 2 is Cavity cooled and Case 3 is Core cooled. Results from software analysis revealed that the correct design of the cooling system mold according to Case 1 had the least shrinkage of the workpiece at 2.056% And when using such information to test the actual injection with a plastic injection mold. Found that the results were successful in accordance with the forecast. is the percentage shrinkage of the test specimen along the flow direction (Y axis) equal to 0.89 % and 1.45 %, the percentage shrinkage of the plastic along the flow direction (x axis) is 2.29 % and 1.83 % and the size of the for measurable workpiece as designed, can be used.


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