The influence of temperature and thickness on the fracture behavior of P265GH material, using the J-integral method

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Houda Salmi
Abdelilah Hachim
Hanan El Bhilat
Khalid El Had


In this work we exanimate, in elastoplastic case, the crack growth in P265GH material, we use eXtended finite element method (XFEM) in the Cast3m code. Crack growth in the 3D CT pipe sample is modeled using stress intensity factor and J integral. The comparison of the SIFs and the plastic zone size with analytical results validated the elasto-plastic numerical study; we analyzed the effect of loading and crack length on J integral. Finally, we analyzed the effect of both temperature and the specimen thickness on the fracture behavior of P265GH steel.


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Salmi, H., Hachim, A., El Bhilat, H., & El Had, K. (2021). The influence of temperature and thickness on the fracture behavior of P265GH material, using the J-integral method. Engineering and Applied Science Research, 48(3), 307–313. Retrieved from


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