Performance Analysis on Network Virtualization Systems

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Kiattichai Atthayuwat
Santi Homcheun
Benjalak Rattanapahu


The network virtualization is now starting to be interested by many people and organizations for personal or small and medium enterprise used due to the flexibility, scalability and including low cost implementation. However, there are still some questions whether which one would be more suitable for implementation. This paper presents the analysis and comparison of two most popular network virtualization system, VMware vSphere Hypervisor and Proxmox Virtual Environment in terms of work performance and resource consumption on both standby and full capacity mode. This paper also introduced the design of both physical and virtual network for using in most organizations to simulate the use to be able to monitor the performance closed to what they would have to do in the real world. Finally, this paper advices where would be suitable use for these systems.

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K. Atthayuwat, S. Homcheun, และ B. Rattanapahu, “Performance Analysis on Network Virtualization Systems”, Crma. J., ปี 14, ฉบับที่ 1, น. 9–19, ธ.ค. 2016.


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