Modification of Power Transmission by Electric Motor and Gasoline Engine in Small Hybrids Boat


  • Sirichai Jirawongnuson Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand


Small hybrid boat, Exhaust engine, Electric motor, Power Transmission


Thailand often uses the small boats from internal combustion engine vehicles for transportation. It releases the pollute problem such the air and the sound. Therefore, the objective of this research is developing a small hybrid boat that uses both gasoline engine and electric motor. This research designs a small hybrid boat powered by an electric motor 1,500 W combined with a gasoline engine 6.5 HP. The result was that the electric motor combined with the gasoline engine could run independently and automatically switch to the engine if the battery died. The gasoline engine uses energy 83.85% more than the electric motor. The electric motor does not produce noise at high rpm, in contrast to using a noisy gasoline engine that complies with the required regulations. Gasoline engines can exacerbate the negative environmental effects of carbon monoxide emissions to communities, while using electricity will not release environmental pollution. However, if applied for commercial uses at speeds of more than 12 km/h, the new ratio must be modified in accordance with the intended use.


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