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Jintana Bunnak
Panjit Pomosa
Trus Kaesang


The study of the consumption of porridge in the Ladkrabang Industrial Estate (sample comprising 100 people)- 74 % preferred to consume porridge for breakfast; 60.90 % cooked porridge, and 70 % ate a consumer purchase porridge made from riceberry, 63.30 % thought riceberry were healthy food, 38.60 % prefer to eat plain porridge and it should has price 25-30 bath (36.40 %)

The riceberry porridge canning process has 3 formulas for riceberry and water, the ratio 1:18, 1:20 and 1:25 respectively, fill 180 g of canned riceberry had a head space of 4/16 inch. The canned food was exhausted and then immediately seamed. The results showed that all products which were thermally processed for 19 min at 121 °C had F0 values of 4.4 min and were then immediately cooled. The visual quality attributes of the outer and inner appearance of the canned foods were good. The vacuum value and the head space of both 3 formulas canned foods were in the range of 5 to 7 in-Hg and 4/16 inch, respectively.

After storage for 30 days, the pH levels of the F1 F2 and F3 canned foods were 6.3-6.4, respectively. The total acidity of riceberry porridge canned foods was 3 formula had few changes. There was no contamination from acid producing microorganisms. Canned riceberry porridge had levels of fiber of 1.49 % and ash content of 1.70 %

A 5-points hedonic test showed that F3 (1:25) canned riceberry porridge had a higher preference score, 3.5 is more likely, it being dark brown and slightly purple, with a clear rice smell and with appropriate condensed viscosity. The production cost of the riceberry porridge canning process, which fill 180g/can, was 22.38 baht/can.


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Bunnak, J., Pomosa, P., & Kaesang, T. (2019). THERMAL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY FOR RICEBERRY PORRIDGE USING CANNING METHOD. Journal of Industrial Education, 18(3), 194-202. Retrieved from
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