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Keywords: factors, organizational commitment, government teachers


The purposes of this research were to 1) study the level of organizational commitment of government teachers; and 2) study factors affecting the organizational commitment. The sample consisted of 380 participants who were government teachers in schools under the jurisdiction of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office, Area 1. The sample size was calculated by using the Taro Yamane formula. The sample were randomly selected by Stratified Random Sampling. A questionnaire was used for collecting data with the reliability of 0.832. The statistic in this study consists of frequency, percentage, mean, Standard Deviation, and Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis – Specifying the statistical significance value at .05.  

The results were that:  1) the level of organization a commitment overall are at the highest level, having the willingness to contribute their effort for organization’s benefits at the top one, followed by the trust in accepting organizational goals and values, and the desire to be organizational members, respectively; 2) factors affecting the organization commitment are the sense of self’s importance to the organization (X9), the acceptance and respect (X4), the challenge (X2), the dependency on organization (X8), the opportunity to progress (X6), and the interaction to others (X3); 3) models for factors affecting the organizational commitment are Y = .931+ .264X9+ .128X4 + .106X2+ .097X8 + .098X6 + .121 X3 and Z = .298X9 + .133X4 + .129X2 + .133X8 + .122X6 + .119X3, which can forecast the level of the status at 57.8 percent and the multiple correlation coefficient value is .765.


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