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wiroj khawlaนพ



Today every small and large industry use the robotic manipulator to complete the various task like as picking and placing, welding process, painting and material handling but to complete these tasks one of the most important problem is to get the desire position and orientation of the robotic manipulators. There are two method for analyzing the robotic manipulator one is forward kinematic analysis and another is inverse kinematic analysis. This paper proposes to model the forward kinematic of 6 DOF of Denso VS-6577 robot manipulator. A movement flow planning is designed and further evaluate all the DH parameter to calculate the desire position and orientation of the end effector. Forward kinematics is simple to design. And compare the result with analytical solution and see there are acceptable error. Robotic toolbox in Matlab is used to model Denso VS-6577 robot system. GUI studies including Robotic Toolbox are given with simulation examples.


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khawlaนพ wiroj. (2021). FORWARD KINEMATIC ANALYSIS OF DENSO VS-6577 ROBOT MANIPULATOR. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 8(1), 60–68. Retrieved from
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