Construction Solar Elrctric Bicycle

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กอบชัย จันทรดิลกรัตน์
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The paper presents construction Solar Electric bicycle for time to use electric bike for longer. The solar cell system has been installed with an electric motorized bicycle 36 V, 350 W with solar cell 12 V, 40 W. Solar charge controller 12/24 V, 10 Ah and inverter (Input 12-24 V/Output 12-80 V) 10 Ah to charge the battery. the experimental results showed that period of use of electric bicycle at 15 and 30 km/hr increase. 


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จันทรดิลกรัตน์ ก., & กุณรักษ์ เ. (2017). Construction Solar Elrctric Bicycle. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 4(2), 6–9. Retrieved from
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