The Pipe Leak Detection of Natural Gas at Small Leak Rate using Dynamics Pressure Transducer

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ธเนศ วิลาสมงคลชัย


The pipeline inspection using dynamics pressure has been continuous development with the advantages on low noise, long range, accessible, and no electrical spark occurred. However, a small leak rate was a limitation of this inspection method which depend on sensor sensitivity. The scaling-square method is a mathematical based signal processing which can amplify leak signal and noise reduction at the same time. This research compared the proposing method to the conventional (with and without pre-amplifier). On the results, the advantage of scaling- square method was improved leak detection ability. Hence, the calculation on leak location of the scaling-square method present the 0.8% error for highest accuracy.

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วิลาสมงคลชัย ธ. (2016). The Pipe Leak Detection of Natural Gas at Small Leak Rate using Dynamics Pressure Transducer. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 3(2), 33–40. Retrieved from
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