An Applied Local Binary Pattern by Hyperbolic Secant for Edge Detection of Images and applied to Images Retrieval

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ทรงพล นคเรศเรืองศักดิ์
สุทธิลักษณ์ ชุนประวัติ


The objective of this research is proposed Applying local binary pattern method to edge detection of images. We added Hyperbolic Secant function Similarity function and parameters for increasing detail and sharper of edge into the original equation. The experimental results show that this proposed method can obtain the border has more detailed and high contrast. And it can be explaining the internal differences between two distinct areas, but get the same result, which is the result of original Local Binary Pattern. In this paper, the researcher used the proposed method for edge detection of common images and edge results applied to content based images retrieval by calculated edge histogram, then we obtained edge histogram five directions of edge, which is created to index for images retrieval. The researchers found that the index of edges from the proposed method gave an overall performance value of 80%, which was high.


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นคเรศเรืองศักดิ์ ท., & ชุนประวัติ ส. (2018). An Applied Local Binary Pattern by Hyperbolic Secant for Edge Detection of Images and applied to Images Retrieval. Journal of Energy and Environment Technology of Graduate School Siam Technology College, 5(1), 1–11. Retrieved from
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