Design of Infographic Media with Augmented Reality Technology for Learning of Pattmanon Farm

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Phuminan Wimano
Wiraiwan Sanchana


Learning is not limited only to classroom, but also from other sources, especially from real-life experiences in different places. Therefore, this research is interested in designing, evaluating media quality and assessing satisfaction in infographics with augmented reality technology for learning of Pattmanon Farm. The study method consisted of 4 steps: 1) Collecting of demands showed that there were needs to present farm information in a form of infographic and video clip media in combination with augmented reality technology, for more attraction and easy access; 2)  Designing infographic and video clip media which found that infographic media was attractive to tourists' eyes and video clip media had compiled accurate and complete content; 3) Creating augmented reality technology media with ARCore, using Visual Studio Code as a web site development tool; 4) Evaluating of infographics, videos and augmented reality technologies by experts showed the highest level of quality (gif.latex?x\bar{}= 4.61, S.D. = 0.33); and 5) Assessing of satisfaction in infographic media combined with augmented reality technology for learning of Pattmanon Farm from a sample group of 30 people also revealed the highest level of satisfaction (gif.latex?x\bar{}= 4.69, S.D. = 0.55).

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