An Evaluation of the Information System for Classroom Attendance Checking via QR-Code Technology of Cloud Computing

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Kriangsak Chanthinok
Rattanawadee Sonthiprasat


This research has been studied and developed during the year 2017 - 2018 by developing online attendance information system. The system is applied for any training in educational institutions in Thailand. The QR Code technology has been applied through Cloud Computing to collect student attendance information in academic institutions. It is a convenient tool for lecturer and students to be able to track student’s attendance behavior and this system is able to efficiency collect participate scores for semester report.

The development of this system uses the PHP language for creating user interface and MySQL database for retrieving information. The researcher has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is available free of charge for lecturer, without to create owner system. The system is available on, there are compatible with both PC and mobile device.

In addition, the technology acceptance model (TAM) studied by Davis [1] is applied to explain the phenomena that occur in this research. After investigating the open access system, there were more than 855 instructor users (data as of March 30, 2018), more than 30,000 students, and 714 assessment respondents. There were 610 students, 101 teachers and 3 support staffs who responded to this study. The results showed that the satisfaction with the service quality was the highest at 4.49, followed by the satisfaction of the content, performance and security at 4.47 and lastly the satisfaction of the system process was at 4.43. Moreover, there was 95% of accepted respondents who revealed the system as effective and useful for Thailand education in the current situation.

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