Maximum-Power-Point Approximation for Photovoltaic Arrays

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N. Jantharamin


This paper describes various techniques to approximate the maximum power point (MPP) for photovoltaic arrays. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) approaches have an importance role in PV systems by maximizing the PV output power, and therefore increasing the system electrical efficiency. Each technique has advantages and limitations. None of them is suitable for all applications. The decision is usually made by considering such factors as the complexity of the algorithm and circuitry, tracking accuracy, tracking speed, controller cost, available data and expertise of the user. In spite of MPP is approximated, such MPPT schemes are simple in their implementation, and provide satisfactory performance without complex circuitry.


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Jantharamin, N. (2014). Maximum-Power-Point Approximation for Photovoltaic Arrays. Naresuan University Engineering Journal, 7(1), 37–42.
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