Aim and Scope

            The primary objective of the Naresuan University Engineering Journal (NUEJ) is to publish high-quality research articles presenting contemporary developments in theory, design, and applications in all areas of Engineering, Science, and Technology, including research in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Chemical, and Material Engineerings. NUEJ covers all multidisciplinary research in associated areas, such as Mechatronics, Energy, Industrial and Engineering Design, Manufacturing Technology, Engineering Management, and Medical Engineering.

Journal Policies

            Naresuan University Engineering Journal (NUEJ) uses a double-blind peer review system and it regularly publishes two issues per year (January – June and July – December). Any submitted manuscripts must be original, unpublished, and not currently under review by other journals. NUEJ aims to consider only the submitted works which respect to research ethics, including confidentiality, consent, and the special requirements for human and animal researches. All research articles dealing with human or animal subjects must attach an approval certificate from the Ethic Committee. Additionally, the research article dealing with human subjects must provide evidence of informed consent.

Editorial board of NUEJ reserves the right to decide whether the submitted manuscript should be accepted for publication. The final decision of the editorial board cannot be appealed.

The submitted manuscript can be written in English or Thai, and can be in Microsoft Word (doc or docx) or PDF file format. The corresponding author is required to register and submit the manuscript at

ISSN : 2651-1568 (Online)



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