House Design and Cement Paper House Models for Low Income Earners

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Nichapha Minaboon
Nuntawat Suwannaart
Vachira Sangrutsamee
Prachoom Khamput


This research study focuses on the design, modeling, and cost analysis of papercrete houses specifically targeted for low-income individuals. The objective was to develop a prototype model at a scale of 1:25 that embodies the unique characteristics of papercrete construction while adhering to architectural principles and ensuring accessibility for all. The research findings revealed that the construction cost of a papercrete house with a usable area of 39 square meters amounted to 339,976 baht, resulting in an average cost per square meter of approximately 8,717 baht. This cost-effective nature of papercrete houses makes them a viable alternative to conventional construction methods, which have a higher average cost per square meter of around 10,826 baht. It is important to note that the aforementioned cost estimate does not include expenses related to electrical systems, land surveying, land acquisition, and site preparation. For low-income individuals seeking financial assistance from lending institutions, the monthly installment payments for a papercrete house loan amounting to 339,976 baht, with an interest rate of 3% and a maximum repayment period of 30 years, would be approximately 1,600 baht per month, thus highlighting the affordability of monthly repayments.

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Minaboon , N. ., Suwannaart , N. ., Sangrutsamee, V. ., & Khamput, P. (2023). House Design and Cement Paper House Models for Low Income Earners. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 21(1), 21–30. Retrieved from
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