Development of a Sami-Automatic Phyllanthus Emblica Tapping Machine with Pneumatic System

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Thanaphol Sukchana
Natt Siriwattananon


The tapping on the surface of the phyllanthus emblica is one of the steps in the crystallized production process. The conventional operation is to use a knife to press down on the fruit for desired 5–6 marks. Tapping on the phyllanthus emblica surface can reduce the time of the crystallized process about 30 to 50%. The semi-automatic tapping machine is a design that combines a mechanism with a controllable pneumatic system which can be controlled to work continuously. A push-rod to push the phyllanthus emblica through six knives are installed in the radial outlet according to the working stroke of the connecting rod. Which can be speed adjusted by air flow adjustment valve and time delay by PLC. The phyllanthus emblica will move down by gravity to replace the original that was pushed away when the push-rod moves back. The results showed that the semi-automatic machine had the capacity more than the tapping method by handing pressing through the knife platform, approximately six people. The push-rod speed relative to the gravitational feed was averaging 150 times per minute without damaging of phyllanthus emblica. Which will get an average production capacity of 150 kg per hour and the break-even point of the prototype tapping machine about 37 days.

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Sukchana, T. ., & Siriwattananon, N. (2021). Development of a Sami-Automatic Phyllanthus Emblica Tapping Machine with Pneumatic System. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 19(1), 25–33. Retrieved from
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