A Study on Factors Influencing Decision-making for Choosing Cargo Transportation Servicers in Chonburi Province

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Phatchara Sriphrabu
Chettha Chamnanlor


This research aimed to study the important factors affecting the decision to choose the cargo transportation servicers in Chonburi province. The data were collected by questionnaires from 385 samples of carrier companies. For data analysis, descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution, percentage, mean, and standard deviation were used. Elemental or factor analysis, which is a statistical technique, was used to combines related variables in the same factor, and then logistic regression was used to study the factors affecting the decision of service selection. From the study, it was found that the 28 variables studied could be grouped into 7 factors, namely Factor 1: Marketing promotion, Factor 2: Optimal service rate, Factor 3 Coordination and full service, Factor 4: Professional personnel and quality tools, Factor 5: Efficient service, Factor 6 Service quality, and Factor 7: Safety in the workplace. The factor with the greatest weight, which is affecting choices of freight transportation services selection in Chonburi province, is Factor 5: efficient service, for example, the safe handling of the goods, the accomplished and correct delivery, and having knowledge and expertise for the operation. Another, the second most important factor is Factor 7: Safety in the workplace, for example, the completion of safety equipment, and the ready-to-use condition of the vehicles

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Sriphrabu, P., & Chamnanlor, C. (2021). A Study on Factors Influencing Decision-making for Choosing Cargo Transportation Servicers in Chonburi Province. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 19(1), 55–66. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jermutt/article/view/243225
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