Package Warehouse Layout for Soy Milk Industry

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ratanon supattarobol
Warapoj Meethom


The soy milk company case study had 3 package warehouses, those could support the maximum of 665 pallets and there were no fixed location for inventory package layout. Resulting in problem of package storage which packages were placed over the specified area 31 pallets and in a period of 1 month, the transport distance was 279,251.58 meters per month. The purpose of this research was to reduce the package transport distance by designing the material layout. So, used why why analysis to analyze the problems for finding the causes and solutions by using warehouse layout, load - distance model and fixed the package with facility layout. Therefore, the design of 3 warehouse layout, the results of improvement showed that the 3 package warehouses could support the maximum of 714 pallets which increased 49 pallets and decreased the transport distance was 36,224.25 meters per month or 12.97% of the all package transport distance. 

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