Analysis of BVD Equivalent Circuit of PZT using Impedance Technique

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นรินทร์ ธรรมารักษ์วัฒนะ
นฤนาท ศิลาคุปต์
วิศรุต ศรีรัตนะ


This paper presents a study of equivalent circuit analysis of Piezo-electronic ceramic type Butterworth Van Dyke (BVD). Round-shape lead zirconate titanate (PZT) with thick-mode vibration was chosen in this study and the impedance meters model HP4192 and HP4194 was used for impedance analysis. The measured results from HP4194 were taken to analyze for BVD equivalent circuit using the program provided by the instrument's manufacturer as case I. The impedance values measured by HP4192 were also used for BVD calculation by applying IEEE 1761987 as case 2. The impedance technique which is a new approach to estimate the reactance in low frequency wavelength (lower than resonance frequency) was case 3 for calculation of BVD circuit. The results of this technique (case 3) were then compared with those of other two alternative cases (case 1 and case 2) for accuracy analysis under controlled and varied temperatures of PZT as a case study. The influences of temperature on BVD parameters including R[subscript 1], C [subscript 1], C [subscript 0], and L[subscript 1], were also assessed in this study.ฃ

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ธรรมารักษ์วัฒนะ น. ., ศิลาคุปต์ น. ., & ศรีรัตนะ ว. (2007). Analysis of BVD Equivalent Circuit of PZT using Impedance Technique. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 10, 16–21. Retrieved from
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