Development of a cassava stem cutting machine

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จตุรงค์ ลังกาพินธุ์
สุทิน เหล่าโก่ง
ภูวนาท สินสวัสดิ์
ชัยยงค์ ศรีประเสริฐ


A cassava stem cutting machine was fabricated to convince the timeliness of cassava stem cutting forplanting and overcome the labor shortage problem in agricultural sector. It consisted of 7 in. circular sawblade (60 teeth) unit, stems conveyor unit, stem holding unit, worm gears unit (60:l) and a l-hp electricmotor was used as a prime mover. The cassava stems were fed manually on stems conveyor unit andconveyed to the circular saw unit through the stem holding unit, and then the cassava stems are cut and discharged to the discharge chute at the rear of the machine. The cutting length could be adjusted between20 and 25 cmby altering the position of the circular saws. Test results indicated that the best cutting qualitywas obtained when operated at 8 m/s conveyer speed. Cutting capacity at20 cm cutting length was found tobe 4,424 stakes per hour, the stem damaged8.5yo, and cutting capacity at25 cm cutting length was 3,321stakes per hour, the stem damaged 4.8Yo. In both conditions consumed 0.5-0.9 kW-h of electric power.Based on the engineering economical analysis as compared to the manual cutting, it indicated that the payback period was found to be I year and the break even point of the machin e was 272 hour at the annual useof 2,400 hour per year

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