a study of toa paint (thailand) company limited employees' self development

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This research aimed to 1) study self development of TOA Paint (Thailand) Company Limited's employees in quality of life, knowledge, quality of working and support on working, and 2) compare the need of the TOA Paint (Thailand) Company Limited employees' self development by categorizing by their personnel status. The research instrument was the check list questionnaire which was developed by the researchers. It was used for collecting data from 294 workers who work at TOA Paint (Thailand) Company Limited; the questionnaires returned were 287 or 97.62 %. The statistics for the data analysis included percentage, mean and standard deviation. After analyzing the data, the results showed that TOA Paint (Thailand) Company Limited's employees highly needed self development for all workers and each of them. They needed to develop themselves in quality of life, quality of working, support on working and knowledge respectively. Moreover, the comparison between the need of self development of TOA Paint (Thailand) Company Limited's male and female employees was: male workers needed more self development than female workers. The workers who are between 3645 years old, have a degree in high school level, work in management and production department, and have experiences between 5-15 years needed to develop themselves the most.

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