Application of Fuzzy logic for the Avoidance of a Mobile Robot

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This paper presents an application of fuzzy logic for the avoidance of a mobile robot. The learning fuzzy rules are used to analyze the traveling learning. The learning of the robot by providing input to the detection of infrared sensors is used to detect the environment for reference. We use PIC 16F877 as the main controller hardware part. The decision movement is done by fuzzy logic without human interface. Design and development of this experiment can be used as basic in developing other kinds of robots effectively. The results of applying fuzzy logic to the robot, the mobile robot use information from the detected objects to create fuzzy rules and control the robot moves correctly.

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พริ้วไธสง ก. . (2013). Application of Fuzzy logic for the Avoidance of a Mobile Robot. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 1, 1–10. Retrieved from
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