Customer Data-Driven E-Marketing Strategy on Social Media in Health and Beauty Supplements

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Nitiwat Sutticharoen
Perapat Sagiem-ngam
Phennapa Joomponpong


The objective of this research is to collect customer data and conduct in-depth customer data analysis for use in planning a digital marketing strategy for health and beauty supplement products on social media platforms. The research process includes: 1) Questioning by entrepreneurs related to electronic marketing strategy and data-driven initiatives. 2) Data collection in tabular format, capturing customer information who ordered products through social media between January and July 2022, with a total of 223 individuals and 409 viewing channels.  3) The data analysis is presented in tabular format, showing as totals and percentages, and the data is displayed as a Pivot Table. 4) Deep analysis summary data, by taking data obtained from data analysis and creating it into a Pivot Chart and presenting it in a dashboard format, will result in deep customer summary data. 5) Applying the data to formulate an electronic marketing strategy that aligned with customer needs and digital marketing trends, including video marketing and the data-driven strategy which involves data storage and in-depth analysis of existing customer data in line with future data analysis trends such as an automatic data analysis system. The increased analysis allows entrepreneurs to utilize data for planning, reach target groups, and create value for their business.


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Sutticharoen, N., Sagiem-ngam, P., & Joomponpong, P. (2023). Customer Data-Driven E-Marketing Strategy on Social Media in Health and Beauty Supplements. Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology, 5(2), 130–144.
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