Storytelling and signs of the series "I Told Sunset About You"

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Amonwiwat Tamphimai
Nattaya Philangam
Phitsanurak Pitathasang


The purpose of this qualitative research was to analyze the storytelling and signs in the Y-series ; I Told Sunset About You through the textual analysis The results of the study revealed that (1) the storytelling consists of (1.1) The plot of the series had 5 stages of the Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and Ending (1.2) The Conflicts appear to consist of Inner Conflict and Outer Conflict ; conflict between people and people  and conflicts between people in society. (1.3) The theme focuses on the fact of life that  “Understanding and accepting yourself is the point of ending conflicts” reflects the relationship between men with men (1.4) The Characters are found to have a gay main character, portrayed the gay role in the drama and surrounded by other characters with gender diversity. (1.5) The settings consist of natural scenes, artifact scenes, era scenes and character life scenes. (1.6) The Point of view is the Omniscent Narrator so that the audience can understand every character, the story line and the background of each character in all (2) signs in the series ; there is communication through storytelling, character action  including various objects that appear in the series  represents a sex symbol, feeling in the heart, courage, rebellion from social frameworks   as well as sexual pressure.



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Tamphimai อ., Philangam น., & Pitathasang พ. (2021). Storytelling and signs of the series "I Told Sunset About You". Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology, 3(2), 136–154.


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