Logistics Efficiency Improvement in Dispenser Box Process


  • Haruthairat Jantakard
  • Kumphol Wanglisakul Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna
  • Somkuan Sanguanpang
  • Sujitta Hongthong
  • Peerawat Luesak


Logistics efficiency, Dispenser box, Logistics cost, Flow process chart, Plant layout


The purpose of this research was to improve logistics efficiency and improvement of the Dispenser Box Process in process time and cost perspective. The method is divided into three steps. First, we are assessing the efficiency cost and production time. Then, problem analysis. And finally, increase efficiency. The results of the three processes found that, before the improvement, the logistics cost of the Dispenser Box was 1,320,000 baht per year and the production time was 414 seconds from a total of 21 steps. After improvements and using industrial engineering and logistics tools. The cost can be reduced to 968 could755 baht and the production time reduced to 344 seconds. The industrial engineering and logistics tools used were: Industrial Logistics Performance Index (ILPI), Logistics Scorecard (LSC), Flow Process Chart, ECRS and Plant Layout Design. For the whole process, the logistical efficiency of the dispenser box can be improved. Both in terms of time and cost respectively.






Call for Paper for The Journal of Manufacturing & Management Technology