Process Improvement of Electronic Part Assembly with ECRS technique


  • Worapot Sirirak -
  • Thassaphong Nanthamajcha Department of Basic Technique, Srisongkram Industrial Technology College, Nakhon Phanom University
  • Woraphod Saengbunrueang
  • Amornrat Pinchaimoon
  • Chatchai Seeta


Production balance, ECRS technique, Process improvement


This research objective was to reduce the production time of the part assembly process and effectively increase the electronic part production line. From the initial study, it was found that this production has 10 stations of work but chose for case study to have 2 stations of work, and that it has a higher cycle time of part production per piece than target. The 2 work stations were analyzed for cause of problem and process improvement by line balance with the ECRS technique. After that, workstation improvement found that it could reduce the cycle time of production in a part assembly of step 4 from 250.05 seconds per piece to 173.9 seconds per piece, or 30.23% of the cycle time reduction. And step 5 from 285.15 seconds per piece to 242.4 seconds per piece, or 14.68% of the cycle time reduction. The effectiveness of electronic parts production was increased to 30.88% of production, which was effective production nearly on target and increased productivity to 2,602 pieces per day.


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