ECRS technique using for process improvement of honey filling


  • Worapot Sirirak -
  • Niwatchai Jaikhom
  • Amornrat Pinchaimoon
  • Tawatchai Klongdee
  • Sarinya Sirisean


Bottle honey process, ECRS technique, Process improvement


This research aims efficiency improvement of bottle honey filling process for demand recompense of customer with ECRS technique and the standard time of filling process. Before the improvement of honey filling process has the filling process to 6 steps and the standard time of work 65.98 second per bottle. From the improvement of honey filling process and working process on the fixture design in the filling decrease unnecessary process step of honey filling. The process reduces to 3 steps which it decreases the motion and working time. The standard time reduces to 27.68 second per bottle that it could reduce the time 38.29 second per bottle. The efficiency of honey filling process increases to 58.03% of before process improvement. The increasing of product from conventional approach to 3,420 bottles per a month that produces income to 581,400 baths per a month.


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