Properties of Paper from Mixed Fiber of Bamboo Sprout Coat and Corn Husk


  • Montri Kawsuk -Department of Agricultural Engineering for Industry, Faculty of Industrial Technology and Management, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Prachinburi Campus, 129 Moo 21, Tumbon Noenhom, Amphur Muang, Prachinburi 25230 Thailand .
  • Thanutyot Somjai


Paper from Mixed Fiber of Bamboo Sprout Coat and Corn Husk, Mechanical properties, Physical properties


This paper's goal was to investigate the mechanical and physical characteristics of paper made from a mixture of bamboo sprout coat and corn husk fiber. Pulping was processed by steeping in water: the bamboo sprout coat for 12 hours and corn husk for 6 hours. Boil the sodium hydroxide to bamboo sprout coat at a ratio of 100: 1800 g. and boiling the sodium hydroxide to corn husk at a ratio of 200: 700 g.  Finely chop the pulp yield in a blender, 3 minutes for the bamboo sprout coat, and 1 minute for corn husk. Subsequently, pulp beating with the mixed pulp different ratio of bamboo sprout coat to corn husk, spread the pulp evenly to form paper. Paper desiccated in the sun. The paper was tested for the physical property of paper thickness. Testing for mechanical properties consisted of; penetration pressure resistance, tensile strength, folding broken resistance, water reflection of paper, with the paper sold in the market. The results showed that the paper from bamboo sprout coat mixed with corn husks at a ratio of 20: 80 had a thickness of 0.024 mm. 42.930±3.848 N, tensile strength 44.674±4.899 N, folding reduction adjustment value 733±55.076 times, the water reflectivity of the paper 9.735 seconds. It was the most suitable and optimal ratio to produce a paper that applicable in the market.


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