Application of Simulation Program to Increase Efficiency Melamine Dish Production Process


  • Nara Samattapapong -
  • Jiratsaya Panasri
  • Soisuda Sresodapol
  • Wisunee Wisunee Koiloy


Production line balancing, Waiting time, Simulation


This research is a study about the working process in the process of melamine dish production process for finding the ways to improve the product and increase the performance of working by studying and collecting the data with record time in each process. And then, the data was analyzed to find the problem and solution by line balancing and reproduce production’s situation by Flexsim program. The first choice is selecting a foil that has good properties. The second is adding an oven to increase yield. The third is to add machines for extrusion. The reproduce situation was made to consider the possibility of the solution choices by the three choices in the Flexsim program. We can conclude that the first choice is the most suitable choice because it gives more products by providing the original equipment and machinery from 1,637 pieces per day to 1,660 pieces per day, which is 1.41 percent.






Call for Paper for The Journal of Manufacturing & Management Technology